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The Charter Weight Loss Center in Dallas offers a comprehensive program for you to lose weight based on simple but proven methods tailored to your individual needs. We monitor your progress, and help you achieve your goal.

Please remember that the only proven method to lose weight is to change your lifestyle, exercise on a regular basis, and stick to a low calorie, low fat diet.



To enroll in the Charter weight loss program, you must satisfy the following requirements:

1. You must register as a patient of Oladele Olusanya MD, PA

2. You must either be overweight (BMI>25) or obese(BMI>30), or have medical problems associated with being overweight or obese, such as diabetes or sleep apnea.

3. You must be aged 18 years or above, and have no serious untreated psychiatric illness

4. You must be willing to follow your plan of weight management agreed upon between you and the physician. If you are not compliant at any time, you may be removed from the program

5. You must be ready to pay out of pocket for the services, even if you already have health insurance, since your insurance company may not pay for your weight loss visits.


Charges & Costs:

Our charges are moderate. Usually, no more than $120 for a single office visit. For the first 3 months, you may expect to be seen once a month to make sure you are on track. After this, you will be seen roughly every 3 months. The services you will receive for this cost will include a comprehensive physician examination and assessment, measurement of your vitals including calculation of BMI, body water and body fat ratio, weight goal determination and a personalized weight loss plan that is tailored to your individual needs - updated every quarter. You will receive a written quarterly and annual report on your progress, and we will not rest (unless you give up) until you reach your stated goal.

We do not deceive our clients or practice on them dubious treatments or unproven techniques. If we give you any medications, it would not be anything that Oladele Olusanya MD has a financial interest in, and we will make sure the medication is suited to your needs, that you do not have any contraindications to it, and that the cost is easily within your pocket. Unlike other weight loss programs, we will not force you to enter into a contract to receive 'special' food packages, pills or injections from us. The Charter Weight Loss Center is totally dedicated to the needs and interests of you the patient. We are not beholden to the manufacturer or distributor of any product or other special interests.


"Losing 150lb without weight loss surgery - a personal story."


kim150   kim2

This is me in 2011 after losing 150 lb, and here in 2006 when I weighed 305 lb before my weight loss program!


Before I met my would-be husband in 2007, I was frustrated at my morbidly obese weight of 305lb. I approached Dr. Olusanya to refer me for bariatric surgery, Instead, he took me in his wings, and with a strict diet and exercise program, I was able to lose 150 lb over the next 2 years to reach my ideal weight, This is the inspiration behind our setting up the Charter Weight Loss Center - to help other people lose weight using the same simple, time tested technique. - Kim Olusanya, 2015

Our motto is "We help you get there!"
If you are tired of seeing your stomach stick out more than your breasts; If your health problems are getting out of hand due to a few extra pounds; If you cannot show up at your class reunion because no dress will fit; Make your plan, Have a goal... And we will help you get there!


"Want to stay healthy and fit? Try the Kim O Method!"


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