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Getting your annual physical is the best way to stay on top of your health and catch potential problems before they develop or progress. Men, women, and children in Dallas, Texas like the comprehensive care they receive from Oladele (Dele) Olusanya, MD and his expert team at Charter Medical Center. To book your physical, call the office, or use the online scheduling option.

Physicals Q & A

What is the purpose of an annual physical?

The main purpose of your annual physical is to create a health record that Dr. Olusanya can use from year to year to monitor your current condition and future needs. He conducts a comprehensive preventive screening that helps detect life-threatening diseases like cancer and diabetes long before they have a chance to develop and advance. For instance, high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar may not have any symptoms until they become serious and require more drastic measures.

Dr. Olusanya is passionate about education and helps you understand your risks and minimize them with lifestyle modifications, and possibly medications. Charter Medical Center is one of the few all-in-one clinics in the area that offers an in-house laboratory and pharmacy, so you don’t have to run around town testing and filling prescriptions.

What can I expect during an annual physical exam?

When you arrive for your annual physical exam, a friendly staff member helps you get comfortable in your private room. Dr. Olusanya meets with you to go over your health goals and then conducts a thorough exam of your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Temperature
  • Respiration
  • Reflexes

Your exam will likely include a check of your blood and urine, as well as your abdomen, head, neck, arms, legs, and skin.

What types of annual exams are available?

Dr. Olusanya offers the following types of annual exams:

  • Well-woman
  • Well-child
  • Cancer
  • Sports physicals

Talk to Dr. Olusanya about your needs, and he can tailor your exam.

What can I expect after my annual physical exam?

If your physical exam, labs, or blood work shows any cause for concern, Dr. Olusanya develops a plan to help reverse or treat your condition. He may recommend medication, lifestyle changes, or further testing. Depending on what you both learn during your exam, he may want to see you again in a few months.

To take charge of your health, schedule your physical with Dr. Olusanya and the caring team at Charter Medical Center, or use the online booking feature to make an appointment.


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