Art and Medicine - a powerful and ancient collaboration

Art has always been associated with the practice of Medicine. In ancient Greece, images of Asclepius, the god of the medicinal arts were often depicted in vases and friezes dedicated to Apollo, god of healing. At the Charter Medical Center, we believe in the use of Art to enhannce a healing and peaceful environment for our patients. Our waiting room, corridors and exam rooms are hung with oil and acrylic paitings, ink and pencil drawings and photographic art. Most of our patients love our artistic ambience, with quite a few expressing a desire to purchase some of these original works, many of which were created by the physician, Dr Oladele Olusanya and Dipo Alao, a contemporary Nigerian artist of the "Osogbo" school. One of these images is that of Osonyin, the Yoruba "orisa" of herbalism and healing. 


Medicine itself is an art - an art, though based on the rigorous application of scientific principles, demands in its practitioner the possession of wholesome bedside manners, compassion for the sick, and total dedication to the uplifting of the happiness and wellbeing of others. At the Charter Medical Cente, the Medical Director, Business Director, Kim Olusanya and Office Manager, Randi Woolwine, supported by their team of Nurse Practitioners and Medical Assistants, believe in and follow the principles of using art to influence the care of the paitent and the healing process interwoven with the highest standard of care.  

Dr Oladele Olusanya lounging in his office Oladele Olusanya, MD Physician and Medical Director, Charter Medical Center

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