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For health maintenance, a healthy diet and regular exercise are essential.

At the Charter Medical Center, I and my staff put a lot of emphasis on health maintenance and disease prevention rather than just giving medications to treat diseases when they have already occurred. Maintainng an optimal body weight to keep your BMI (Body Mass Index) in the normal range between 19 to 24, is a goal we preach to all our adult patients. All evidence points to the fact that the prevention of obesity decreases the incidence of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and reduced life span in both males and females.

The Charter Weight Loss Center is dedicated to making sure that those who are overweight (BMI above 24) or obese (BMI abobe 29) have a patient-oriented plan to guide them into reaching their goal. Our Business Director, Mrs Kim Olusanya is a role model and champion in this regard, having lost 150 lb using the same methods we preach.



Dr Oladele Olusanya lounging in his office Oladele Olusanya, MD Physician and Medical Director, Charter Medical Center

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The Charter Weight Loss Center has a proven track record!

“With the help of the Charter Weight Loss Center, I lost 150 lb without weight loss surgery, with a rigorous regimen of low-calorie diet and exercise while they took care of my general health.” – Kim O, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Advocate on Women's issues.

Art and Medicine - a powerful and ancient collaboration

Medicine is an art. It requires in its practitioner the acquisition of bedside manners, compassion for the sick, and a total dedication to the uplifting of the happiness and well-being of others. At the Charter Medical Center, we use Art to heal.

Celebrating 10 years of Charter Medical Center

For ten years, 2009-2019, Charter Medical Center has been a leading provider of outpatient health services in the Dallas area. It has done this with compassion, integrity and a commitment to the community.