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Celebrating 10 years of Charter Medical Center

The Charter Medical Center is 10 years old this year. To celebrate this landmark, we have installed a communication door between the patient corridor in front of the Nurses Station near Patient Exam Room 1 and the Staff Lounge area. At the Charter Medical Center, we do not belive in creating barriers. Rather we build bridges and portals of communication between us and our patients. It is for this reason that we created an online Patient Portal linked to your patient chart that you as the patient can assess from your smart phone or tablet to communicate with us and check your appointments, labs and imaging results from a safe and secure online chart.

Under the leadership of Dr Oladele Olusanya, our physician and Medical Director, we the staff of Charter Medical Center, treat every patient as a member of our family. We see them as individuals with personal characters and habits, family and social connections that we take into consideration when we give them treatment and counsel them. It is not rare for us to take the time and effort to help our patients apply for social programs that help improve their care. Dr Olusanya oftens give advice to our high school students on their choice of college and career planning.

For ten years, Charter Medical Center has been a bridge and a portal in the community, and I assure you as the Office Manager of this great and compassionate health care provider clinic, that we will continue to do so in the years ahead.




Randi Woolwine Office Manager, Charter Medical Center. Medical Assistant

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